Naughty Engineer


By: RagingHormones

(This is my third post and I think I should introduce myself a bit. I am single, in my late twenties, and as my nick suggests, I am on the heavy side. I noticed most posts are in Filipino, but I express myself better in English, I’m sorry. Next time, I will try that. Naughty Engineer is, like AfternoonDelight, a true story. This will be in parts though.)

Ferdie is an engineer in his mid forties. Stands five feet eleven inches tall with an athletic body, thanks to the weekly game of tennis. One thing I like about him is that he could keep up with my mile a minute conversations. Perfect gentleman. The kind who would open the door for you, not let you get wet when its raining, not let you get all sweaty due to the heat, that kind of thing.

We’ve been going out for a while before he started showing his other side. One day we agreed to meet and do it. He had one request – no undies.

The minute I got inside the car, he greeted me with a kiss and his hand went straight to my cleavage.  “Libog na libog na ako sayo, sweetie.” I was surprised because that was the first time he said the thought in Filipino. I admit, it turned me on.

He started driving and when we were in EDSA, he told me to open my pants. “Bakit, hon?”

“Hihipuin ko lang.” So I opened my pants and spread my legs. He inserted his hand and cupped my pussy. “Hmmmm. Nag shave ka pala. Tinitigasan na ako, sweetie.”

He had to remove his hand to change gears but every time he can, his hand would be back inside my pants. I couldn’t stand it so I started touching him. He was hard. Very hard. “Chupain mo ako mamaya ha.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. But before he could answer, a guy was there asking what room we wanted. Once in the privacy of the garage, he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Huge! I started rubbing it. He moaned. “Salsalin mo, sweetie.”

“Huh?” He placed his hand over mine and guided my it. He made me hold his cock and then started sliding my hand up and down the long shaft. Slowly…gradually becoming faster…. Then he stopped my hand and started kissing me hard on the lips. After all the gentleness he showed me, I was surprised at the way he was acting. Surprised but I was liking it.

We were kissing torridly and his hand was once more inside my pants. Rubbing my pussy, parting the lips….then he inserted his finger inside me. Ohhhh. He started fucking me with his finger and I was moaning for more.

“Akin ka ngayon, ha. Akin lang ang puke mo. Mamaya kakainin kita at kakantutin ng paulit-ulit. Tangina, kantot na kantot na ako!” He stopped and pulled his finger out from my wet pussy. “Let’s go inside, sweetie.”

Inside the room, he started stripping right away. I managed to get my top and bra off before he grabbed me from behind and pulled my pants down to my knees. He made me bend. “Hindutin muna kita,” he said.

He pushed his cock inside my pussy. “Ouchhh! Hon!” I cried. I was wet but it was still painful. He stopped and reached in front. “Shhhh, sorry, sorry, sorry” he said while caressing my pussy. “Ang sikip ng puke mo, eh.”

He pulled his cock out and told me to lie down. I did and he pulled off my pants. “Buka mo hita mo,” he commanded. “Akin ang puke mo ngayon.”

Next thing I know, he was licking me. His tongue on my pussy lips, making tiny circles. Then on my clit. Flicking it with his tongue. I moaned. He started sucking my clit and I was surprised that I tried to move away.

“Gusto ko ilabas mo libog mo, sweetie. Sabi ko sa yo, kakainin ko tinggil mo, di ba? Just let me play with you, ok? Hindi ka magsisisi.” With that he inserted his finger inside me. It started moving inside. I moaned. “Kakalikutin ko lang, sweetie… shit, basang basa ka na.”

Once more he removed his finger and started licking my pussy. He played with my clit and all I could do was moan. Then he inserted his tongue inside me. Damn! It felt sooo good!  “Ferdie!!!”

He didn’t stop. Instead, he started rubbing my clit with his thumb. The feel of his thumb’s hard skin against my throbbing clit was while his tongue darted in and out of my pussy was too much. I exploded. It was very good, I screamed and pulled his hair.

I was ready to be fucked, but he had other ideas.


He lied down and told me to go on top of him. “Upo ka lang. Huwag mo ipasok.”

He pulled himself up to a sitting position and started touching my breasts. Squeezing…mashing…his thumbs found my already erect nipples. He then squeezed my breasts together and started licking both nipples. Flicking them with his tongue. Squeeze..lick.. suck. I couldn’t help but moan.

Ferdie stopped and started kissing my neck. His hand found its way between our bodies and down to my wetness. In that position, my pussy lips were open and he found my throbbing clit easily. I felt the tip of a finger rubbing it. “Ohhh, hon…”

I couldn’t help it. I started grinding my hips and soon, my clit was rubbing against his finger because of my moves. He was looking at me with a smirk. “Ganyan nga. Sige pa. Labas mo libog hon.”

Startled, I stopped. He laughed. “My words are catching you by surprise? Come on, sweetie, be naughty with me.” With that, he started moving his finger. He left my clit and started tracing my pussy lips. Soon, he was tracing my hole.  “Finger me,” I whispered.

He inserted his finger slowly. Then pulled it out even slower than pushing it in. I shuddered. Damn, he was teasing me. I got off him and knelt next to him. I thought that if he wanted to play the teasing game, I can play it as well.

I started rubbing his cock. “Yes…sige pa sweetie. Laruin mo,” he said and spread his legs. I slipped my hand down to his balls and rubbed gently. “Ahhh…”

Encouraged, I bent down and licked the tip of his cock. I let my tongue go around the head while my hand continued rubbing his balls. Then I licked the hard shaft, from the base up. “Shit….”

He was liking it and I was getting braver. I took away my hand and started licking his balls. Kissing and licking. Then I took the head inside my mouth and sucked it lightly. I heard him curse. I moved my mouth down the shaft and midway, I stopped and started going up to the tip. I played with it with the tip of my tongue. Making tiny circles on the head and teasing the hole. I tasted precum. “Sweetie…isubo mo.”

I took his whole cock inside my mouth. It was not very long but it was thick. I felt like gagging but I wanted it all. I went down to the base and I could feel him in my throat. I pulled up so I can breathe then went down again. Soon I was blowing him. His moans were getting louder.

“Sige pa! Shit… ang sarap. Subo mo lahat! Ohhhh shitttt!”

His hand found my pussy again. When I felt his hand, I shifted to let him have more access. I was longing for his finger to play with my clit. But he inserted his finger inside me. I sucked him harder and he inserted another finger. Damn…he started fingerfucking me while I sucked his cock. It felt so good that I started grinding again.

I was very close to cumming. He stopped moving his fingers. “Higa ka na. Buka mo mabuti.”

He went on top of me. I arched my back, ready to welcome his cock. But he made no move.

“Anong gusto mo?”

“Fuck me…”

He positioned his cock in my hole. I gasped. “Fuck me.”

“Anong gusto mo?” He started rubbing his cock against my hole. He was driving me crazy.

“Hon….please…” I pushed my pelvis up. He moved away. Damn it! “Hon!”

“Anong gusto mo? Gusto mo ng titi? Gusto mo ng kantot? Sabihin mo.”


“Sabihin mo.”

“I want your cock.”


“Gusto ko yung titi mo.”

He pushed it in. “Ayan. Sa yo na titi ko.”

He didn’t move. I was getting impatient. “Fuck me.”

“Kantot? Gusto mo kantutin kita? Sabihin mo.”

“Kantutin mo ko.”

He laughed and started moving. Slowly, he fucked me. “Hearing you say it in Tagalog, mas nakakalibog.”

“Sige pa… ohhhh bilisan mo pa…” He started thrusting faster. “Ohhh hon.. hon…”

Then he slowed down. “Doggie style babe.”

I positioned myself and soon he was inside me again. I could feel him deeper inside me. I was moaning non-stop. “Shit sweetie..sumisikip na puke mo.”

He pulled it out and made me lie down. He was inside me again in an instant. He took my right leg and crossed it over to the left. Then he started thrusting again. This time the movements inside my pussy seemed to intensify. Mas masarap.

I orgasmed but he did not stop thrusting. He was fucking me harder and shoving his cock all the way in. “Ahhhh shiittttt!!!!!!!”

One final thrust and burst of something warm inside. He uncrossed my legs after a minute and collapsed on top of me. We kissed and hugged each other. He started pulling out and I raised my pelvis, not wanting him to leave my pussy. He chuckled. “Ulitin natin to, soon.”

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